How to cope with autumn anxiety?


If for some people the transition from summer to autumn is something to smile about, for others it is far from it. Many people go through a stage of autumn anxiety, or to put it another way, autumn depression.

As the main symptoms of autumn anxiety we can note stress, nervousness, panic, poor quality of sleep, even the inability to sleep. According to some specialists, the reason for this is fewer hours of sunshine and a drop in temperatures. Others believe that autumn is associated with more hours spent at work.

Here's what we can do to cope with autumn anxiety

  • do not skip the morning gymnastics - it is extremely important not to stop moving when overcoming depression and anxiety. Start yoga, and if you don't have the time, just take a walk after your work day. This will help to reduce stress and be alone with your thoughts;
  • Wear clothes in bright colours - it's proven that bright colours will change your mood - orange, red or yellow. A great choice for autumn;
  • visit a spa - this is refreshing and stimulating. The warm water relaxes and helps to remove anxiety and tension;
  • provide more light in your home and workplace - this will help your body cope with seasonal changes;

Each season has its own charm. Enjoy the beautiful colours that autumn paints with.

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