Deliveries to the UK

Ground transport

Shipments submitted by 12:00 (+ 2GMT) are sent on the same day, after payment for delivery.

Shipments submitted after 12:00. (+ 2 GMT) are shipped the next day after payment for delivery

Shipments are processed from Monday to Thursday.

All shipments are delivered to the specified address by the customer.

All shipments are in new, manufactured according to the needs of European deliveries, packaging! 

All orders are delivered within 6 working days (London - 5 working days), at the specified address.

Up to 2 kg - 15.50 € 
Up to 4 kg - 22.00 €
Up to 6 kg - 27.00 €
Up to 8 kg - 32.00 €
Up to 10kg - 42.00 €

Shipments are processed and sent:

on weekdays:

from the 1st to the 5th of the month - up to 3 working days after receiving them in the system and with the status ”in execution" 🟠; (applies until the end of the "single purchase day");

from the 6th, until the end of the month, until the hours described above, after receiving them in the system and with the status "in progress"️ 🟠.

 If your order has the status "fulfilled" 🟢, it means that it has been delivered to the courier. You can track your delivery here.

To complete your order, please perform the following actions:

  • click new order;
  • press self-delivery (pick up);
  • from the drop-down menu “Service center” select 8001111 (done if the service center is not selected Trusted center);
  • fill in the recipient's data, if different from the ones given;
  • place your order and press "forward";
  • check the information about your order and click "forward";
  • in this menu using bonuses, in the comment fill in your delivery address and the desired transport (Truck / Plane).


Delivery address must contain - country, city, street with number and obligatory - postal code! (orders without postal code cannot be sent) and do not forget to write what transport you want to be delivered (Truck / Plane)

  • additional information if necessary;
  • click "place an order"

That's it! Your order has been completed

In requests that do not say anything, it is implied for us that they are for pick-up from the place (SC 1111) 


All deliveries are paid by the button on our website PAY FOR DELIVERY.

Payment can be made through PaySera systems. It can be done by debit or credit card, which are VISA, MasterCard or Maestro, through the PayPal system. All payments are made in euros.

* SC 1111 recommends compliance with the requirements submitted by the UK procurement company.

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