Why choose VERTERA body care?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body and makes up 5% of our weight. It is intricately designed to protect our internal organs because it is the first to encounter the environment. This is one of the reasons Vertera created products to take care of it too. Professional body cosmetics that will retain youthful charm and radiance for years.

Let's start our virtual presentation of cosmetic products:

Professional body serum

Professional body serum | VERTERA 1111

The composition of this product includes aqueous extract of Laminaria algae, aloe vera, cypress extract and dry extract of birch, grapefruit and jojoba oil. It is the combination of these beneficial ingredients that make this serum so effective. It successfully fights cellulite and body fat, removes stretch marks on the chest, abdomen and thighs.

"Dry peeling"

This seaweed product cleanses the skin by removing the stratum corneum. It nourishes the skin surface with a natural mineral complex of fucus, sea salt and kelp. It is a recommended addition to follow-up products you would apply to your skin. Treat yourself to the feeling of silky skin.

oden complex of extracts"

The content of this cosmetic product is from the aqueous extract of Laminaria and Fucus, Chamomile, St. John's Wort and Blackcurrant. To stimulate skin activity, allowing the epidermis to renew itself regularly. You can apply the product in two ways according to your desire:

  • add it to a dry peel treatment to improve its effectiveness


  • take a bath with dissolved extract at a certain temperature

"Seaweed oil"

олио-от-морски-водорасли- vertera

This is the final product of the Vertera body care range. The oil contains algae oil - laminaria and fucus, olive oil, pumpkin seed, linseed and almond oil. It will nourish and restore your skin, making it more supple, softened and toned.

You can view and learn more about the other organic products on vertera1111.com. Give yourself the gift of prevention and health.

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