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Hello, in this article you will find out more about the methods of delivery to the UK that we can offer you.
Service Center 1111 has been delivering to the UK for six months. As in the last two months, we have made over 250 successful deliveries, regardless of the circumstances. As a result of our results, we want to share with you the two ways we deliver to get there. If you trust us for your shipment, then we give you a choice how to receive it.
The first way is by plane, and the second is by a refrigerated truck that travels weekly.

Everything you are interested in can be found on our page Delivery ➡️ UK or just click HERE

We at Service Center 1111 leave the choice of how to receive your delivery to you. We will make sure it is safe and high quality!

  • SC 1111 recommends compliance with the requirements submitted by the UK procurement company.

Thank you for being our customers!
Service Center 1111

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