One Year Service Center 8001111

Today, our beloved service center turns 1️⃣ year old ?! We are now confidently walking the path of high quality logistics service. Every day we learn how to be better professionals for you, our customers! It is our pleasure to serve your health and your success in the exclusive and unique company - VERTERA
In honor of our anniversary, today, we are launching our April initiative for you, which I will not release, but I will be expecting your photos ? of the shipments received! Our initiative is for all of our customers, it is for every single one who placed an order at CA 1111, no matter their purchase! For us, everyone who has trusted us is valuable and important, so as a token of our gratitude and respect, he will receive a gift (which is to eat) ?
At 13.04 from 18:30 8001111 Service Center's ANNUAL AWARDS will be held, the loyal customer raffle for the quarter will be held, and... we will announce our new feature that I am sure will take us another level up and forward in service?!

Thank you for your trust! ?
Teodor Kosev
CA Manager 8001111

The event will be held through ZOOM.The program of the event will be announced after the conclusion of the DEZ.

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