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Hello and welcome, dear customers and partners in the information site of service center 8001111! 
Driven by the desire to become better in the services offered to you, the people you have trusted us, we, the 1111 team, created this product. The site is entirely informative, created in order to facilitate the collaboration between the service center and our customers. It also fulfills part of our goal of helping all people who have decided to join the Vertera family and be an hour of the new era. The era of a healthy and happy lifestyle.
Here you can find information about the offered products, their composition, application and recommendations for them. You can find information on how to place your order or other useful answers to your questions. You can get valuable information about all items of delivery to you. We have also set aside a special event section where you will find out when during the month you can join one of the presentations of the inspiring leaders we have. In our news section there will be all kinds of news from "Vertera's life" - the life of healthy people! And of course many more surprises to be seen here, in our corner, from the endless web! 
Every click of your clients directs them to you - the mentors, the people you develop and create new leaders, the leaders of the day! We from service center 8001111 stand firmly behind you and your work! 
Please do not hesitate to read each line and click on each place on our site - www.vertera1111.com 

With respect,
Teodor Kosev
General Manager of 

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