Health for our liver with HEPA MIX

Vertera has created HEPA MIX with liver care in mind to improve your liver health.

The liver is a complex organ, with an asymmetrical and flat shape. It is located below the diaphragm and has the unique ability to regenerate. Interestingly, even if a quarter of its size remains, it can regenerate completely.

Functions of the liver

  • metabolic processes - processing and transformation of substances, extraction of energy and disposal of toxins;
  • helping the digestive system;
  • storage of enzymes and minerals;
  • is involved in blood clotting and fighting infections;
  • is involved in hormonal metabolism;
  • is responsible for breaking down alcohol, drugs and external substances that get into the blood;


  • Cirrhosis is a progressive disease in which damaged tissue replaces healthy tissue. Factors for the occurrence of this disease are : long term alcohol abuse, chronic hepatitis and certain genetic diseases;
  • Infectious diseases - Hepatitis A, B, C, E;
  • Steatosis or so-called fatty liver. Causes of this disease are alcohol use, obesity, diabetes mellitus and heart disease;
  • liver cancer - develops from cirrhosis, hepatitis B and C, parasitic invasions and alcohol abuse;
  • cysts - parasitic and non-parasitic. Growing, they cause atrophy of the adjacent liver tissue;


Despite its ability to regenerate, we need to take care of our liver. It performs numerous processes that are important for our health.


HEPA MIX is a faithful friend in the care of your liver. Its contents include celery, topinambur (Jerusalem artichoke), freeze-dried kelp gel and extracts of: milk thistle, licorice, fennel, nettle. Thanks to these ingredients, HEPA MIX improves the processes of formation and secretion of bile juice, absorption of nutrients and activates its protective reactions.

To ensure the maximum effect of HEPA MIX, it is recommended to consume foods rich in vitamins, reduce alcohol and cigarette use, and take 8-10 glasses of filtered water.


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