Sensation - payment for delivery. Why, when?

Hello everyone, in this article we will share with you when and why the delivery of the Sensation product is paid. After realizing the possibility of sensation to be able to shop directly from the consumer basket, there are two possibilities for its purchase. One of them is from the button "VIP Goods" in your personal account, and the second is from the catalog where are all the other products that you can get from us SC 1111. This is the reason for paying for delivery, depending on your choice. 
If you have purchased Sensation, using the "VIP goods" button after your selection, you will have a charge of 2.40 EUR for delivery. In this case, when you receive your Sensation you will have no obligations to the courier. 
If you have purchased Sensation through the catalog, after your selection you will not have a charge for delivery and you will have a commitment to pay for your delivery to the courier with whom it was delivered. 

Thank you for being our customers!
Service Center 1111

* the price for delivery depends on the choice of courier and you can get acquainted with it in the Delivery section. 

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