How does Vertera Gel help us ?

гел Vertera

Sometimes eating right and exercising is not enough to live a healthy life. Vertera Gel is the solution - it helps by purifying the body and saturating it with beneficial vital elements.

90% of illnesses occur due to consumption of toxic foods, contaminated water and air. It is Vertera Gel that cleanses our body of toxins that cause fatigue, difficulty concentrating, allergies and stomach problems.

What does Vertera Gel contain ?

  • kelp Laminaria - the product goes through 5 steps to reach the extraction of the beneficial components of the Laminaria algae;
  • Fucoidan - or the so-called most powerful natural immunoregulator. It is a polysaccharide that can only be found in the cell walls of brown seaweed. Fucoidan is a proven antioxidant, has antithrombotic and anticancer effects;
  • vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E;
  • Omega 3 and 6;
  • 8 essential amino acids;
  • alginic acid - it is the reason Vertera gels are gelled. Alginic acid forms a protective film in the intestines and prevents heavy metals and radionuclides from reaching the blood.

What Vertera Gel helps for

  • detoxification of the body - cleanses from accumulated toxins;
  • improves and harmonizes the action of all organs in the human body;
  • provides the necessary energy levels;
  • will help the body to activate its own defense mechanisms;
  • will boost your metabolism and help you lose excess weight;
  • has a beneficial effect on the thyroid gland;

How to use

The product can be taken internally and externally

Internal reception - the total daily intake should be 40 g. 2 times 2 equal tablespoons. It is recommended to take 30 minutes before meals. At your choice Vertera Gel can be taken with juice.

External reception - Vertera Gel can be applied as a face, hair or body mask. The action will be cleansing, firming and hydrating.

The formula for making Vertera Gel is patented. The company ensures strict control of production processes. Trust VERTERA and ensure the health of your organism.

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