Habits that interfere with healthy sleep


Quality sleep is of utmost importance to a person's health. It provides regeneration of the body and immunity. Stress and anxiety can make your sleep restless. But bad habits have the same consequences and it is good to forget them before bedtime.

What is sleep?

It is a natural state of mind that is characterized by altered consciousness, suppression of almost all volitional muscles, and a significant reduction in the ability to respond to stimuli.

Bad habits before sleep

  1. Don't fall asleep hungry - It is good to be full, but we should not overeat. If we take in a lot of food, our body will be busy digesting it. Because of this, it will get fewer hours of rest and we will wake up feeling tired.

  2. Watching TV before sleep - The light from our TV screen affects the action of the hormone melatonin. And thanks to it, we fall asleep.

  3. Reception of coffee- drinking coffee in the hours before sleep guarantees us hours of trying to fall asleep. Besides coffee, we can put cola, chocolate, energy drinks and some types of tea in this group.

  4. Smoking - adverse effect on the deep phase of sleep - sleep becomes less quality and superficial.

  5. Intake of spicy food - intake boosts metabolism and reduces the chances of falling asleep.

  6. Going to the gym at night - Exercising in the evening (one hour before sleep) will not allow your body temperature to drop , resulting in an inability to sleep.

Help your brain relax, add evening rituals such as reading a book or taking a warm shower. Quality sleep will ensure you have a fulfilling day.

Sources: stepin2nature.com

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