Collagen - with care for the health of the whole body

Collagen, or more precisely - the most abundant protein in our body, representing one third of the total protein composition. It is found in our muscles, joints, hair, skin and nails. By combining two amino acids, glycine and proline, our body produces collagen. With age, the body slows down its formation process and it is desirable to get it externally by taking vitamin c, magnesium and copper. The name of collagen has a Greek origin - "kola", means "glue". The name is not accidental, because it strengthens and keeps our body whole and healthy.

Collagen takes care of our hair and skin

As mentioned earlier in the article, as we age, the production of collagen in our body weakens. This contributes to wrinkles, dry and damaged hair, stretch marks, even brittle nails. By increasing its level in the body, you can normalize skin cell renewal processes.

The product, with preserved natural structure - "Collagen - HC" is a great way to replenish protein and slow down the process of first wrinkles on the skin. When it loses its elasticity, cellulite appears. Collagen -NS nourishes and protects the skin, maintains its water balance, supports elastin production, stimulates regeneration. The product protects against the harmful effects of UV rays.


Collagen contributes to the proper functioning of our digestive system

It can be extremely helpful, soothing the lining of the intestines and healing damaged cell walls. Collagen will help absorb water and thanks to it, the digestive system will work properly.

Collagen - no joint pain

Its intake also protects our skeletal system. In the absence of collagen, tendons and joints weaken. This contributes to stiffness, pain and difficulty moving. Studies have shown that it helps patients diagnosed with - rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis.

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