Collagen - what I need to know about delivery

Hello everyone, in this article we will share how and what expectations you have for your delivery of Collagen in Bulgaria and Europe, provided that you place your order through the menu - Collagen Vertera HC. It is no longer necessary to wait between 20-40 days for this product! With our efforts and the optimizations performed by the company, you will receive your deliveries of Collagen within a few days after you order. Specifically for Bulgaria up to 3 days, for Europe up to 7 working days. days (due to transport). In order to live up to your expectations, you must, after placing your order for Collagen, inform the company that you want it to be transferred to us - CO 1111, so as not to waste time waiting for it, and it is not directed to us. . Orders are not transferred to the system directly, and we receive information about them via internal communication. Consequently, if you are looking for your order for Collagen, please specify us in the inquiry.

* orders placed through the menu - Collagen Vertera HC, are included in the delivery price.

Thank you for being our customers!
Service Center 1111

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