Vertera Forte Original

A natural product for healthy eating. To increase the biological value and activity of the product, the sea plant fucus and a natural antioxidant, the bioflavonoid - dihydroquercetin, was added.


Exceptional in its properties, the product supports the processes of purification and saturation of the body at the cellular level. This product has nothing to do with dietary supplements or drugs because it is a food product. It is completely natural and safe for health.

The recipe for the natural product gel Vertera Forte provides an opportunity for rational saturation of the body:

  1. Harmonization of the body
  2. Detoxification - cleansing the body of waste products from metabolism and toxins
  3. Nutrition and saturation of the body
  4. Stimulation of tissue renewal processes
  5. Energy food
  6. Optimization of biochemical reactions and bioregulatory processes.
  7. The substances contained in the kelp participate in the purification (detoxification, dissimilation), nutrition (assimilation) and activation of the bioregulatory processes in the body.
  8. Many of our own studies allow us to objectively assess the spectrum of product properties
  9. The way in which the gel is produced ensures the kinetics (transport) of the active components contained in its formula to the organs and systems of the body.
  10. The extremely rich composition of kelp includes substances that can help reduce the concentration of intracellular metabolites, as well as xenobiotic substances formed as a result of the use of drugs (detoxification).

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