Vertera Gel

Cellular seaweed gel Laminaria / live food /.Natural and specialized product for dietary and healing nutrition, which cleanses and nourishes the body of cellular level.


90% of human diseases occur due to the formation of toxins in the body and deficiency of a wide range of micro and macronutrients, due to the growing amount of toxic foods, polluted air, water and the environment that adversely affect our body. Vertera gel helps to clear any toxins from the body that cause fatigue, difficulty concentrating, headaches, hormonal imbalances, allergies, swelling, constipation, lack of energy, frequent colds, skin problems, etc.

ProblemSolution with Vertera Gel
  • Chemical compounds in food
  • Toxic substances in water and air
  • Daily intoxication
  • Maximum security and cleansing the body of toxins and toxins 
  • Body wear 
  • Fast recovery thanks to activation ofthe body's own defense mechanisms 
  • Overweight 
  • Loss reduction and normalization of metabolism, fats, carbohydrates and proteins. 
  • Lack of nutrients 
  • Lack of energy 
  • Weakened immune system
  • Disruption of the supply of nutrients tocells 
  • Saturation with substances stored in the genetic code of the humanorganism 
  • Therapy of the cardiovascular system 
  • Healthy effect on the thyroid gland 
  • Healthy effect on the gastrointestinal tract 
  • Strong immune system 
  • Strategically important product for the health of the organism - delivers everything you need in the right quantity and at the right time
  • Active life for the elderly 
  • As a result of this food, breathing takes place and detoxification at the cellular level

The main purpose is dietary and therapeutic food, which helps to cleanse and saturate the body with important micro and macro elements at the cellular level. 100% organic live food product.

  • Detoxification - cleanses the body of toxins and waste metabolic products
  • Harmonizes the work of all organs and stimulates tissue regeneration. 
  • Provides high energy levels and improves general condition. 
  • Optimizes the processes of biochemical reaction and bioregulation. 
  • It has a beneficial effect on water-salt metabolism. 
  • Prevents many diseases associated with deficiency of nutrients for the body, as well as all natural substrates causing metabolic diseases. 
  • Activates regenerative body processes after illness. 
  • Maintains and improves the condition of a sick body during treatment. 
  • Affects the body positively in almost all diseases  

Effect of the product on the body:

For those who want to maintain their health. 

For those who want to preserve youth and beauty longer in time ahead 

For those who want to be energetic and cheerful 

For those who want to lead a healthy life

For those who follow the principles of proper nutrition


Description of the components of the composition:

Special development and the only such patented formula in the world. Strict control of all production processes, certified by a number of national and international certificates. International certificate ISO 22000: 2005. Through compliance with the requirements of this standard Vertera also meets the requirement for an implemented system for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), according to the Food Act and EU Regulations. 

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